connecting the dots

The point of copy is really to connect the dots. It's having your message come out so clear your customer can easily connect the dots and make a choice: you.

I grew up loving those "connect the dot drawings". At first it just looks like a bunch of points and numbers, but once you figure out the pattern and draw it out, it forms a lovely picture.

I brought that fun discovery into my work as an English tutor, teacher, and now, a writer. Language, for me, has always been a fun discovery of connect the dots.

It's a way for us to connect each of our individual dots with one another. That's why I got into writing: to connect.

Working with me, you'll soon find that it's not just about the work, it's about the people.

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my values

What is your process like?

Research, Write, Revise, Repeat. 80% of my work is research. We start our work with a discovery call to know you, your needs, your client's needs, and how you solve their problem. I do my own research from there and start the creative writing process.

Each project is unique and has its own challenges. The constant is this: (can you guess?) Research. By knowing exactly what we want to convey, we're able to create a meaningful connection instantaneously through our copy.

what are your rates?

Depends. <- That's what you'll hear from most copywriters. I won't be that demure.

SEO-friendly Blog Post $0.50 per word

Marketing Flyer $500 per page (with basic design)

Professional Bio $100

Ecommerce Product Listing $500

Website Home Page $700 and $200 per additional page (services, portfolio, etc)

What's your background?

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018 with a major in Sociology and minor in Journalism. You could say connecting with people was always in my blood.

After college, I tutored in English and taught it for a year abroad in Seoul, South Korea. While I was there, I was an English translator for a blockchain event, an interpreter for a templestay program, and a budding Youtuber.

With a strong background in language and education, I continued my linguistic work as a copywriter in 2020. I started out writing bios for financial representatives and took on website copy for barbers, mastermind groups, and even insurance brokers.

I'm currently working with other private clients on their marketing materials and blog articles. Contact me if you have any questions. I'd love to help! :)

Fun Fact!

Aside from English, I speak Korean, Vietnamese and dabble in Chinese, Japanese, and Italian. You think Chinese might be the hardest of them all but I actually think it's Japanese.

My Humble Beginnings

This is how I got started with copywriting. I put out a flyer and 1 month later landed 2 of my very first clients. I always believe there's a way.