copy that leaves an impression

So you've got some writing to be done and you'd rather save time and effort by hiring a copywriter to do it for you. Nice one!

But not just any copywriter.

Not one who's just going to get the job done.

Not one who's just going to copy and paste what you sent to them.

You want a copywriter who makes your clients and customers feel understood and valued. Someone who truly gets your point across and makes you sound GOOD.

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HI, it's linh

Our world is founded on connection. It's what drives our lives, our relationships, and our businesses.

My focus as a copywriter is to ensure that whatever I write for you makes a lasting connection between you and your client or customer. I believe that it is these deep and lasting connections that help us thrive.

Through each touchpoint, whether it is your Home Page, Marketing Flyer, or Product Listing, the goal is to give your customer the best experience possible.

" Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read." - Leo Burnett

B2B Marketing

  • Marketing Flyers

  • Overview Deck

Web Content

  • Website Copy

  • Blog Post


  • Product Listing

  • Product Description

  • Key Product Features

it's in the process

Writing for you is really writing for your customer.

My process starts with your needs and focuses 90% of my efforts in understanding your customer, their wants, needs, lives, etc.

By getting to know your customer, we're able to create a meaningful connection instantaneously through our copy.

I'm sure you know the rest. Research, Write, Revise, Repeat. Like a carpenter testing the strength of his mahogany table, no copy of mine is turned over once. It must be read, tested, reviewed multiple times to assure its enduring message before I hand over the completed work.

It's all in the process.

happy customers

"Linh is a creative, thought provoking, and insightful content writer. Her goal is always to help her client in the way that best fits their personality and style. Since I have been working with Linh, my stories have come to life and have greater depth due to her inquisitive mind and probing questions to get the feel and understanding of where I am coming from."

Tom Murphy

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